GENOME 541: Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology


    This course provides a survey of topics within the field of computational molecular biology. The course is divided into five two-week blocks, each devoted to a single topic and taught by a different instructor. This year, the topics include
    • proteins and proteomics,
    • metagenomics,
    • genomics and epigenomics,
    • phylogenetics, and
    • protein structure.
  • The entire course grade is based on the homework assignments, which are due weekly. No tests or exams.
  • The homework assignments involve writing programs for data analysis, and running them on a computer that you have access to (we cannot provide computers). We don't require a specific language.
  • Late homework will be accepted, but penalized. Specifically, each assignment is worth 100 points, from which 10 points will be deducted for each day (or fraction thereof) that you turn it in late. The maximum deduction for being late is 60 points (even if you are more than 6 days late).
  • It is OK to run your program on someone else's input data file, and compare outputs to see if you get the same results. However, it is not OK to share programs or to get someone else to debug your program. A key part of the course is being able to write and debug your own programs for data analysis.
  • Homework assignments should be turned in using the Catalyst Tools Dropbox.
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Jesse Bloom











Course Attributes:

  • Methods