Jakob Von Moltke

Assistant Professor

University of Washington


Microbiology, Infection & Immunity

Immune responses to parasitic worms and allergens

Faculty Contact Information

Building: 750 Republican Street (E Bldg) Room: E-545 Box: 358059 Phone: 206-685-8893

Research Summary

The Moltke lab studies immune responses to parasitic worms (helminths) and allergens. These responses, collectively known as type 2 immunity, are triggered by an astonishing diversity of agonists, from macroscopic live worms to microscopic inert particles to soluble enzymes. Why does the immune system respond to them all in the same way? Using laboratory mice and helminths as model organisms, we study the initiation of type 2 immunity with the goal of providing insights that will lead to improved treatment and prevention of asthma, allergy, and parasitic infection.

DEI Statement

I seek to ensure a diverse and supportive lab environment where the opinions and perspectives of all lab members are respected and valued. I believe an inclusive and safe environment promotes scientific creativity and progress and we strive to maintain this culture. In addition to promoting diversity and inclusion in the lab, I am committed to this at the institutional level as well. I am a member of the Immunology Department’s DEI committee and am the faculty lead for our Department’s outreach efforts.

Training Summary

1. Building Healthy Workplaces: Community Strategies & Individual Skills to Prevent Sexual Harassment Training

2. UW Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) on Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring and Microaggressions

3. Examining the history and current manifestations of racism and anti-blackness and their place in science

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Lab Information

Location: University of Washington - Dept of Immunology
Building: 750 Republican Street
Room: E-545
Box: 358059
Phone: 206-685-8893