Course Requirements

-18 graded credits
-500 level or above
-A minimum grade of 2.7 is needed to receive credit

MCB students may petition the Co-Directors to receive credit for lower level courses.

In the rare instances that an MCB course is cancelled, all enrolled students will be emailed by the instructor or MCB staff before the course is scheduled to begin.  In addition, the Time Schedule is updated accordingly.

Time To Degree Limit

The MCB Program has a seven-year limit on the time to receive a degree. Students are encouraged to graduate within 5.5 years.  The process to graduate in Year Seven follows:

  1. Year Six, Summer Quarter
    -Student sent a reminder of Seven-Year Limit
  2. Year Seven, Winter Quarter, Fifth Week
    -Student must submit one of the following

    1. Petition with declaration of intent to graduate by end of Summer Quarter of Year 7 including
      -Letter to MCB Co-Directors stating intent to graduate by end of Summer Quarter of Year 7
      -Email of support from each member of Supervisory Committee OR
    2. Request for extension beyond Year 7 with evidence of project towards degree
  3. Year Seven, Spring Quarter
    -Student receives Petition Decision from Co-Directors
    -If Petition is denied by Co-Directors, student has until end of quarter to graduate or will be placed on Final Probation for Summer Quarter

Year Seven, Summer Quarter
– If all the requirements for graduation are not completed by the end of Summer Quarter, the UW Graduate School will automatically remove the student from UW enrollment.

To Do

  • Year 7, Winter Quarter
  • Petition intent to graduate OR
  • Winter Quarter: Request extension

Individual Development Plan

MCB IDP Template (Word)

The IDP is a living document to help define and pursue short- and long-term career goals.  The NIH requires all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows supported on an NIH grant to complete an IDP and this requirement ensures all NIH-supported MCB students are compliant.  Also, many MCB students will not follow an academic career path and the IDP helps provide training to prepare for diverse career paths.

We hope the IDP will encourage open, honest and supportive discussions between graduate students and mentors and will enable students to identify possible career options and to develop the skills needed for future success.

IDP Requirements

-Formulate IDP with faculty advisor in Winter Quarter of Second Year.

-Update IDP with faculty advisor in Spring Quarter of following years.

-Present and discuss IDP with Supervisory Committee at Annual Committee Meeting.

-Submit a signed copy of the IDP and the Annual Committee Meeting Report to the MCB Catalyst Site.

To Do

  • Meet with Advisor to formulate or update IDP in Winter Quarter
  • Present updated IDP to Supervisory Committee
  • Submit updated IDP to MCB Office by June 30 each year