The MCB Program has a seven-year limit on the time to receive a degree. Students are encouraged to graduate within 5.5 years.  The process to graduate in Year Seven follows:

  1. Year Six, Summer Quarter
    -Student sent a reminder of Seven-Year Limit
  2. Year Seven, Winter Quarter, Fifth Week
    -Student must submit one of the following

    1. Petition with declaration of intent to graduate by end of Summer Quarter of Year 7 including
      -Letter to MCB Co-Directors stating intent to graduate by end of Summer Quarter of Year 7
      -Email of support from each member of Supervisory Committee OR
    2. Request for extension beyond Year 7 with evidence of project towards degree
  3. Year Seven, Spring Quarter
    -Student receives Petition Decision from Co-Directors
    -If Petition is denied by Co-Directors, student has until end of quarter to graduate or will be placed on Final Probation for Summer Quarter

Year Seven, Summer Quarter
– If all the requirements for graduation are not completed by the end of Summer Quarter, the UW Graduate School will automatically remove the student from UW enrollment.

To Do

  • Year 7, Winter Quarter
  • Petition intent to graduate OR
  • Winter Quarter: Request extension