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Information and resources from MCB, UW and Fred Hutch that may be of interest to current and incoming MCB students.

The Pacific Northwest has always attracted people and industries with vision and pioneering spirits. The world-class biomedical companies and institutions that thrive here benefit from the quality of life as well as the robust scientific and educational resources that have gravitated to the area. For students considering studying here, the UW-Fred Hutch partnership forms the core of a broader network of connections across other institutions and companies that could only exist here in Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty, with lakes, mountains, rivers, parks, and the ocean all providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Students can easily access all of the natural wonders the PNW offers, be it hiking, skiing, fishing, boating or beachcombing. If you love outdoor activities, you’ll feel right at home. For those who appreciate the arts and culture, Seattle has its own critically acclaimed symphony, ballet and opera. And our food, music and arts scenes have never been richer. Be warned: You might think you’re only visiting for a few years of grad school. Don’t be surprised if you end up making Seattle your permanent home.

Check out the Biosciences Seattle Neighborhood Tour Series that highlights the most common neighborhoods our students live in, as well as a curated list of Seattle Housing Resources, created by MCB students.

The current salary rate for MCB students is $45,000 per year; $3,750 per month (gross). This is a 50% FTE graduate student appointment (Predoctoral Research Associate 2). There are two (2) pay periods each month; therefore your gross salary per paycheck will be $1,875. This income is taxable so there will be federal income tax withholding (except for international students & dependent on their country’s treaty with the United States). There is no personal state income tax in Washington. This salary is presumed to be the salary for a single student.  The MCB Office is the home payroll department for all first year students during their rotations.  Responsibility for payroll is transferred to the dissertation advisor’s home department/institution when each student enters his/her dissertation lab.

Paychecks generally become available on the 10th and 25th of each month. They each reflect the preceding pay period just completed (e.g., the “25th“paycheck is for the 1-15 days of that month). For a complete list of paycheck dates, please visit the UW Integrated Service Center Payroll Calendar webpage.

UW Integrated Service Center Payroll Calendar

A student may be affected by the “5 of 6 pay periods” rule  if they intend to leave UW (or change from a GSA status to a postdoc status on the UW payroll). If a student goes off the payroll before completing five pay periods in that academic payroll quarter, the student will lose their tuition waiver and the insurance coverage will be cancelled. All students who plan to leave before the end of any quarter must notify the MCB Program Staff. There are a number of options to which do not incur excessive tuition and insurance costs, but must be planned in advance.

University of Washington UW/UAW Contract


All MCB students receive their UW-paid medical/dental/ vision coverage via the Graduate Appointment Insurance Plan (GAIP). Detailed information regarding GAIP can be found on the UWHR GAIP webpage.


The GAIP website details the coverage and the process for on-line enrollment. Each student must initially enroll for their coverage after they have been put on the UW payroll system (MCB admin staff will notify you when to enroll). A student must have a GSA (or fellowship/stipend appointment) to qualify for this insurance. The insurance becomes effective the month after the student enrolls. Incoming MCB students will enroll in September and it will become effective October 1st.

The GAIP also provides student-paid coverage for student dependents (spouse/children/SSDP). If you need dependent coverage, please check the website carefully for instructions and deadlines. The deadlines are strict and usually earlier than for the UW-paid coverage for the student.

Other Benefits

Each MCB student receives a $2,000 travel fund to attend meetings and/or conferences to present their research and data. This is a one-time fund that can be use during your time at MCB.

MCB students also receive a one-time $1,500 fellowship that they can use at their own discretion. Some students have used it to cover moving costs or have purchased new technology.

All benefits, stipends, tuition, and funding are assured as long as an MCB student is in good standing.

General Resources

WSAC Website
For Washington State residents seeking information and resources about student loan repayment or seeking to submit a complaint relating to your student loans or student loan servicer, please visit the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) website.

Graduate School Resources

UW Library Graduate Funding Information Service


Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant (CMBTG)

Genome Training Grant

Vision Training Grant

Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant

Interdisciplinary Training in Cancer Research Program


NIH NRSA Individual Fellowships

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Pharma Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

The Nucleus is MCB’s weekly newsletter containing functional information about what’s currently happening in the MCB community. You’ll find award announcements, events, and funding information, as well as volunteer and job opportunities.

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The Reading Frame is MCB’s quarterly newsletter focused on keeping our alumni up-to-date on what’s going on in MCB and Seattle. You’ll find updates from our alumni, a bit of nostalgia, and ways to connect to your classmates.

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