Joint Degrees

Students completing a Ph.D. degree have several options for additional training. Additional joint programs or degrees may be pursued by receiving approval from the MCB Program Directors.

Concurrent Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) PhD/ Epidemiology MS Program

The goal of this program is to train basic scientists who will be well versed in modern epidemiological research methodologies, which should broaden their abilities to obtain positions at academic research institutions as well as in industry. The program will involve approximately four additional quarters in graduate school. A stipend for achieving the M.S. degree will be offered through an NIH interdisciplinary training grant.

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Joint MBA Program

The Master of Business Administration (Joint MBA) Program offered at the Bothell campus allows students to pursue a business degree while enrolled in the MCB program. Students are responsible for the additional tuition charged for the MBA degree.

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Medical Sciences Training Program

The MD/PhD Program at the University of Washington is dedicated to the training of medical scientists who desire to carry out fundamental research in clinically important human diseases. The program is funded in part by the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) from the National Institutes of Health. This program is national in scope and accepts students from all regions of the country.

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MCB Data Science Option

The MCB Data Science Option will provide interested students within the program with specific training in the fundamentals of Data Science methods and applications. Specifically, this curriculum will enable students to become effective Tool Users, Tool Builders, or Tool Trainers according to their research and career goals. Tool Users are primarily interested in learning how to use computers, programming, and statistics to analyze and visualize their data to more effectively answer their biological questions of interest. Tool Builders are primarily interested in learning to develop computational methods or tools for biological analysis both as an end unto itself and as a means to answering their biological questions. Tool Trainers want to develop expertise in machine learning to apply these advanced statistical methods to biological systems. In addition to coursework to build these competencies, the MCB Data Science option will include exposure to and engagement with the broader Data Science community at University of Washington through the eScience institute.

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