Anthony Rongvaux


Fred Hutch, 

Cancer Biology

Microbiology, Infection & Immunity

The innate immune response to abnormal cells

Faculty Contact Information

Building: Thomas Building Room: D3-197 Box: D3-100 Phone: 206-667-7753 http://research.fhcrc.org/rongvaux/en.html

Lab Information

Location: Fred Hutch Building: Thomas Building Room: D3-263 Box: Mail stop D3-100 Phone: 206-667-7753 Alt Phone: 2066677753 http://research.fhcrc.org/rongvaux/en.html

Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Summer
Rotation, Winter

Research Summary

We are studying the very first steps in the development of an immune response after exposure to a pathogen or formation of a tumor. Our work focuses on understanding how the immune system detects and responds to the presence of abnormal cells. In particular, we are studying:

1) How dying cells interact with the immune system.

2) How macrophages contribute to tumor development.

To address these questions, we are developing specific models of genetically-modified mice, including “humanized mouse” models that allow us to translate our findings to pre-clinical conditions.