Bonita Brewer


University of Washington

Genome Sciences

Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Choreography of eukaryotic DNA replication

Faculty Contact Information

Building: South Foege Room: S041C Box: 355065 Phone: 206-685-4966

Research Summary

DNA replication is undeniably important for life and, as a consequence, cells have evolved mechanisms to monitor replication fidelity and to coordinate completion of replication with other cell cycle events. Using yeast as a model organism, we study how cells choreograph the duplication of their chromosomes, and how defects in initiation of DNA replication contribute to genetic disorders such as the human Meier-Gorlin Syndrome and the mouse chaos3 cancer phenotype. We also are exploring how errors at replication forks contribute to segmental copy number variants that improve fitness.

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Lab Information

Location: University of Washington
Building: South Foege
Room: S041
Box: 355065
Phone: 206-543-9447
Alt Phone: 206-543-9446