Hao Yuan Kueh


University of Washington, 

Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging

Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Microbiology, Infection & Immunity

Molecular circuits controlling immune cell fate decisions

Faculty Contact Information

Building: Foege Room: N210E Box: 355061 Phone: 206-543-5913 https://depts.washington.edu/bioe/portfolio-items/hao-yuan-kueh/

Lab Information

Location: University of Washington Building: Foege Room: N227C Box: 355061 http://depts.washington.edu/kuehlab/

Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Summer
Rotation, Winter

Research Summary

Our lab studies how immune cells make fate decisions, both as they develop from stem cells, and as they respond to antigens. To understand the molecular circuitry controlling immune cell fate choice, we follow its dynamic behavior at the single-cell level using live imaging, uncover its molecular components using modern genetic, biochemical and high-throughput approaches, and elucidate underlying design principles using mathematical modeling. Through this work, we aim to lay foundations for engineering immune cells to fight disease.