Qinghang (Chris) Liu

Associate Professor

University of Washington

Physiology & Biophysics

Cell Signaling & Cell/Environment Interactions

Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Molecular Signaling Mechanisms of Cardiac Remodeling and Heart Failure

Faculty Contact Information

Building: HSB Room: G310 Box: 357290 Phone: 206-685-9133

Research Summary

Research in my lab is focused on defining novel signaling and transcriptional regulatory mechanisms that underlie cardiac remodeling and heart failure. We take multi-disciplinary approaches including biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, and cardiac physiology to understand the molecular basis of heart disease using genetic mouse models. There are 3 research areas: A. Molecular mechanisms of cardiac remodeling; B. Molecular regulation of cardiac cell survival and death; C. Novel roles of regulated necrosis in heart disease.

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Lab Information

Location: University of Washington
Building: HSB
Room: G310
Box: 357290
Phone: 206-616-8768