Ray Monnat


University of Washington

Cancer Biology

Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Genetics, Genomics & Evolution

Cancer biology and genomics, translational research, molecular diagnostic technology

Faculty Contact Information

Building: K-wing Health Sciences Room: K072c Box: 357705 Phone: 206-616-7392 http://monnatlab.org/

Research Summary

Current work is focused on 1) developing two preclinical cancer cell line models for glioblastoma and for head-and-neck cancer; 2) identifying new population pathogenic variants for cancer predisposition syndrome genes related to Fanconi anemia; 3) developing new integrated approaches to detect and treat cancer and precancer; and 4) developing new ways to detect, type and stage urogenital tract cancers, and to support fieldwork by Target Malaria team members with local UW Bioengineers without Borders colleagues.

DEI Statement

My lab has hosted trainees, colleagues and visitors from all continents save Antarctica, and we continue to participate in collaborative science projects with investigators across the US, Western Europe, Japan and Africa. Experience as part of this ‘global family’ has emphasized that talent is agnostic to ancestry, race or national origin. If you’re interested and serious about the science we’re open to business no matter who you are or where you’re from.

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Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Summer
Rotation, Winter