Andrea Wills

Assistant Professor

University of Washington


Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging

Gene Expression, Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Genetics, Genomics & Evolution

Transcriptional regulation of vertebrate regeneration

Faculty Contact Information

Building: HSB J wing Room: J433 Box: 357350 Phone: 543-179

Research Summary

Why is regeneration of adult human tissues so limited, when other vertebrates are readily able to regenerate complex tissues like the spinal cord, cartilage, and limb? Our goal is to define the genetic pathways and epigenetic mechanisms that govern differentiation of different cell types during regeneration and embryogenesis. We employ a combination of genomics, embryology and cell biology using the diploid frog Xenopus tropicalis as a model for regeneration.

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Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Winter

Lab Information

Location: University of Washington
Building: HSB J wing
Room: J429
Phone: 543-179