Paul Nghiem


University of Washington, 

Cancer Biology

Microbiology, Infection & Immunity

Immunobiology & Immune Therapy for Merkel cell carcinoma

Faculty Contact Information

Building: Brotman / SLU Room: Room 240 Box: 358050 Phone: 206-221-2632 http://pnlab.org/

Lab Information

Location: University of Washington Building: Brotman Room: Room 242 Box: 358050 Phone: 206-221-4594 http://pnlab.org/

Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Summer

Research Summary

Merkel cell carcinoma is usually caused in part by an extremely common (typically harmless) virus that was discovered in 2008, the Merkel cell polyomavirus. Another very important cause is extensive exposure to sunlight, possibly many years earlier, and this cancer typically presents in Caucasians with a relatively light skin tone. This cancer is more likely to kill a patient than malignant melanoma. Immune therapy is proving effective in about 50% of patients.