Deborah Fuller


University of Washington

Microbiology, Infection & Immunity

Discovery and Development of vaccines and therapies for HIV and emerging viral diseases

Faculty Contact Information

Building: South Lake Union Room: F461 Box: 358070 Phone: 206-897-6197 https://sites.uw.edu/fullerlabuw/

Research Summary

The Fuller lab focuses on discovery and development of preventive and therapeutic vaccines as well as antivirals with an emphasis in developing interventions that can rapidly respond to emerging pandemics and provide broad protection from antigenically diverse viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, HIV and influenza. Our research includes the study of immune mechanisms of viral control with an emphasis on the role of cellular immunity and mucosal responses at the site of viral exposure.

DEI Statement

A a tenured Latina full professor in one of the top universities in the world, I have many reasons to believe we’re at the cusp of a turning point in making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a reality in academia. Through my own experiences as a financially disadvantaged Latina who strove to excel in a field dominated by white men, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to help make that happen. Now, more than ever, we need to increase diversity in the sciences. I know first-hand how economic disparity goes hand in hand with disparities in race and ethnicity, so I’ve made it a point to help URM trainees find similar opportunities I had to get the support they need and well-earned recognition of their accomplishments as a leg up to their next steps in their education and careers. Without diversity awards and fellowships, I would never have been able to develop the career I have today. I regularly meet one on one with URM trainees to help them identify opportunities including grants and fellowships, provide advice on their applications, recommend workshops and share with them articles and podcasts to give them encouragement. As a member of our department’s diversity committee, I am also helping to develop policies and outreach strategies to support and recruit women and URM trainees, staff and faculty. This includes regular meetings and connecting with other diversity groups as well as contributing each quarter to our Diversity Committee newsletter that highlights new opportunities for fellowships and awards. I am also a member of the Latinx Faculty Staff Association (LFSA) that aims to support recognition and advancement of accomplished Latinx faculty. In 2019 and 2020 I was honored with UW Latinx Faculty Excellence in Research Awards and I contributed to LFSA’s 2020 book entitled: Latinx Experience in Academia: Charting the paths of Latinx faculty at the University of Washington. This book tells the stories of UW Latinx faculty career pathways and provides advice to URM students, postdocs and faculty.

Training Summary

Faculty Diversity Workshop (UW Microbiology Department) – May 2022

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