Michael Haffner

Assistant Professor

Fred Hutch

Cancer Biology

Genetics, Genomics & Evolution

Pathophysiology of advanced prostate cancer

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Research Summary

Our laboratory is focused on understanding the complex biology of prostate cancer. We are particularly interested in three major themes: 1. Understanding the role of the cytoskeleton in tumor progression, 2. Investigating DNA methylation alterations in advanced prostate cancer as a platform for biomarker development and 3. Deciphering intra-tumoral heterogeneity and its impact on diagnosis and therapy. Ultimately, we hope that our studies will deliver novel diagnostic tools and pave the way for the development of innovative therapies for advanced prostate cancer.

DEI Statement

During my entire training I have been extremely fortunate to work in diverse academic environments supported by dedicated colleagues and inspired by remarkable mentors. These interactions have greatly shaped my thinking and have taught me the value of diversity and mentorship. Therefore, I am fully committed to ensuring that I can provide strong support and mentorship to my colleagues and trainees irrespective of their background.

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