Richard Palmiter


University of Washington, 


Dissection of neural circuits for innate behaviors in mice

Faculty Contact Information

Building: HSB- J661A-F Room: HSB- J661D/E Box: 357370 Phone: 206-543-6064 Alt Phone: 206-543-6090 http://www.hhmi.org/scientists/richard-d-palmiter

Lab Information

Location: University of Washington Building: Health Sciences Bldg Room: J661A-D Box: 357370 Phone: 206-543-6090 Alt Phone: 206-543-6064

Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Winter

Research Summary

We decipher neural circuits in mice that stimulate or inhibit appetite for food, water, and salt. We use genetically engineered mice that express Cre recombinase and Cre-dependent viruses to visualize specific neurons and their axonal projections and to directly manipulate the activity of specific neuronal populations.