Rachel Klevit


University of Washington

Biophysical and Structural Biology

Structural biology and biochemistry of human proteins

Faculty Contact Information

Building: HSB K-Wing Room: K-466 Box: 357350 Phone: 206-543-5891 http://depts.washington.edu/labklvt/

Research Summary

We are interested in understanding the structural and chemical principles underlie important cellular processes, especially protein ubiquitylation and cellular response to stress. We are studying the enzyme responsible for protein ubiquitylation, which regulates virtually every cellular process. We are currently investigating ubiquitin E3 ligases such as BRCA1/BARD1 and HHARI, among others, with a goal towards understanding how they work and what the cellular outcomes are of their function and dysfunction. We also study the human small heat shock proteins (sHSPs), HSPB1 and HSPB5. These are th

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Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Spring

Lab Information

Location: University of Washington
Building: HSB K-wing
Phone: 206-543-6391