Jihong Bai

Associate Member

Fred Hutch

Basic Sciences

Biophysical and Structural Biology

Cell Signaling & Cell/Environment Interactions

Neuroscience (Area Director)

Molecular and Cellular Basis for Neural Communication

Faculty Contact Information

Building: Weintraub Building Room: A3-161 Box: 358080/A2-025 Phone: 206-667-1281 http://research.fhcrc.org/bai/en.html

Research Summary

Our research goal is to understand how synapses develop into functional circuits. Synaptic connections undergo constant fine-tuning to support information delivery and storage in the brain. Regulation of these connections can occur through altering the strength of existing synapses or through synapse assembly and disassembly. We utilize a combination of genetic, biochemical, imaging, and electrophysiological techniques to ask biological questions at the levels of individual synapses and functional circuits.

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Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Summer
Rotation, Winter

Lab Information

Location: FredHutchinsonCancerResearch Center
Building: Weintraub Building A2-185
Room: 1100 Fairview Ave. N
Phone: 206-667-5025
Alt Phone: 2066675025