Susan Parkhurst


Fred Hutch

Basic Sciences

Cancer Biology

Cell Signaling & Cell/Environment Interactions

Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging

Mechanisms of wound repair, cytoskeletal dynamics, and nuclear architecture in Drosophila

Faculty Contact Information

Building: Weintraub Room: A1-187 Box: 358080 Phone: 206-667-6466 Alt Phone: 206-667-6489 http://research.fhcrc.org/parkhurst/en.html

Research Summary

A hallmark of many diseases and cancers is a dysfunctional cytoskeleton. A properly functioning cytoskeleton is needed for a wide variety of cellular events ranging from cell shape to cell signaling and migration/metastasis. We use multidisciplinary approaches to study these dynamic structural elements in various processes including wound repair and nuclear architecture/organization. Our goal is to understand the role of these elements in regulating normal developmental events and how this regulation goes awry in diseases/cancers, thereby providing new avenues for possible therapeutic targets.

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Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
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Lab Information

Location: Fred Hutch
Building: Weintraub
Room: A1-187
Phone: 206-667-6489
Alt Phone: 206-667-4511