Resources at UW and FH:

Hutch united
UW Race & Equity Resources
Q center
First Nations @UW
UW Allies Program
Race & Equity Initiative Anti-Racism Resources


Anti-racist and Advocacy/Allyship Resources: A list of anti-racist and 
advocacy/allyship resources compiled by the MCB DEI Committee 
including reading lists, podcasts, links to UW petitions, 
local representative contact info, protest information, etc.

Black Visions Collective

List of anti-racist resources from Brittany Packnett Cunningham

List of Black-owned bookstores

Ant-Racist Resource Guide by Victoria Alexander

Below the Waterline 

Racial Equity Tools

DEI Committee Members:

Students: Eliza Barkan, Vanessa MontoyaAndrew Smith, Ricky Padilla-Del Valle, 
Risa Takenaka, Frances Welsh, Zackari Murphey, Cera Hassinan, 
Cassidy Danyko

Faculty: Dana Miller, Brian Iritani

Staff: Andrea Brocato, Denise Barnes, Madeleine Zwirello

MCB Governance:

MCB Steering Committee

Governance of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program