Matt Kaeberlein


University of Washington


Developmental Biology, Stem Cells & Aging (Area Director)

Genetics, Genomics & Evolution

Basic and translational geroscience (biology of aging)

Faculty Contact Information

Building: Health Science Building Room: D-513 Box: 357470 Phone: 206-221-4849 Alt Phone: 206-221-3745 http://www.kaeberleinlab.org/

Research Summary

Age is the single greatest risk factor for nearly every major cause of morbidity and mortality in developed nations: Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, most cancers, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. The Kaeberlein lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that drive the aging process and cause people to develop diseases and disabilities of aging. We hope to use this information to directly intervene in the aging process in order to promote healthy longevity.

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Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Winter

Lab Information

Location: University of Washington
Building: Health Science Building
Room: D-514
Box: 357470
Phone: 206-221-4849
Alt Phone: 2062214849