Leonidas Stamatatos


Fred Hutch

Vaccine and Infections Disease Institute

Microbiology, Infection & Immunity

Immunity to viral infections and pre-clinical and clinical vaccine testing

Research Summary

Dr. Stamatatos’s Lab monitors the activation, survival, and maturation of B cell clonal lineages that produce protective antibodies against infectious agents. Immunogens and immunization regiments are developed to target these B cell lineages in vivo. The Lab employs diverse experimental approaches, including structure-based immunogen-design, X-ray crystallography, next generation deep sequencing, and immunological, molecular, and cellular techniques. The Lab’s work encompasses the entire space between pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of candidate vaccines.

Accepting Students For:

Rotation, Autumn
Rotation, Spring
Rotation, Summer
Rotation, Winter

Lab Information

Location: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Building: Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Phone: 206-667-1858