Supervisory Committee Meeting Guidelines


Remote Committee Meeting Instructions (PDF)

Annual Committee Report Form (Fillable PDF)

Annual Committee Report Fillable PDF Form Instructions

Annual Committee Report (Word)


Please note:  For Fred Hutch-based students, please open the upload site in an incognito browser.

Annual Committee Upload Site


All MCB students are required to hold at least one Committee Meeting by the last day of Spring Quarter every year starting the Second Year. The meeting is an opportunity for the committee to guide, assist and evaluate progress toward a doctoral degree.  Please note:  The General Exam does not replace a Committee Meeting.

Student Summary of Accomplishments

This requirement applies beginning in Year 2 for MCB and Year 1 for MSTP.

At least 1 week prior to your Supervisory Committee meeting, you must provide your committee with a 1-page summary of your accomplishments since the last Supervisory Committee meeting.

Your presentation to your Supervisory Committee must include:

  1. 1-page summary of research accomplishments since the last Supervisory Committee Meeting (or since joining the lab if this is the first meeting)
  2. A copy of the updated IDP
  3. A copy of the Committee Meeting Guidelines
  4. Any meeting abstracts or publications accepted and grants awarded since the last Supervisory Committee Meeting

Completion and Submission of Annual Supervisory Committee Report

To help in the evaluation process, the Advisor and Supervisory Committee fill out the Annual Committee report after the meeting to summarize the consensus of the Supervisory Committee concerning your Academic/Research Progress and Recommendations. The report allows the Advisor and Supervisory Committee members to provide comments on your strengths and areas that need improvement. This will also help us understand the reasoning behind the option chosen.

The form should be signed by you, your Advisor, and all Supervisory Committee members present at the meeting.

Please submit the following within 1 week of your Committee Meeting:

-Annual Doctoral Supervisory Committee Meeting Report

-One-page research summary

-Updated IDP

-List of publications



  1. First Committee Meeting (Year 2 for MCB, Year 1 for MSTP)
    -Evaluate if research plan is sufficient for a General Exam
  2. Second Committee Meeting (Year 3 for MCB, Year 2 for MSTP)
    -Evaluate if project still viable for a PhD based on experimental progress (ideas are no longer as relevant as results)
  3. Third Committee Meeting (Year 4 for MCB, Year 3 for MSTP)
    -Evaluate progress toward papers
    -Presentation of figures and paper outline(s) for feedback
  4. Fourth Committee Meeting and beyond
    -Evaluate progress toward papers and dissertation


There are 3 options for overall evaluation on the Annual Supervisory Committee Report. These options will help give you context for comments you’ll receive after the Supervisory Committee meeting.

  1. Full Expectations Met
  2. Partial Expectations Met
  3. Subpar Expectations Met

Full Expectations Met

Most of you will meet this 1st option. This option shows that you are meeting or exceeding research and academic milestones and are on track to graduate in 5-6 years.

 Partial Expectations Met

Some of you may face this 2nd option. This option indicates that you have made partial advances toward previously expected goals, but the committee has concerns about your progress toward passing your general exam or graduation. This option requires an additional Supervisory Committee meeting in a time frame determined by the committee, preferably within 6 months of the last meeting.

Subpar Expectations Met

We anticipate very few of you will encounter this 3rd option, but this helps alert us to serious problems as they arise and we want to do our best to help you remedy them.  If progress is subpar, you will be placed on MCB Academic Probation as of the current date of the last Supervisory Committee meeting.


Probation steps:

  1. MCB Academic Probation (internal, 1 quarter)
  2. Graduate School Academic Probation (official, 1 quarter)
  3. Final Graduate School Academic Probation (official, 1 quarter, last chance)

Probation is the mechanism by which the Supervisory Committee can communicate serious concerns about your ability to achieve a timely PhD in MCB, within the 5-6 year time frame. The first step, MCB Academic Probation, will not appear on your transcript.

If you are put on MCB Academic Probation, it is essential that the Advisor and Supervisory Committee work with you to provide specific recommendations and short-term milestones so you have a chance to exit probation by the following quarter. If you meet these requirements in the following quarter, MCB Academic Probation will be removed.

If you do not meet the milestones, you’ll be placed on Graduate School Academic Probation, which is reported to the Graduate School. It will appear on your transcript.  After placing you on Graduate School Academic Probation, the Supervisory Committee must again provide specific recommendations and milestones for you to complete in order to have probation removed.

If you do not meet the Graduate School Academic Probation requirements defined by the Supervisory Committee, the MCB Directors will recommend you go on Final Graduate School Academic Probation, which is also reported to the Graduate School. Once Final Graduate School Academic Probation is activated, you will have one last quarter to demonstrate sufficient progress before dismissal from the MCB Program and UW.

Academic Probation is a serious step, but it can speed resolution of the issue in whichever direction is best for the you, your Advisor, and the MCB Program.



  1. Meet with Faculty Advisor to formulate or update  Individual Development Plan (IDP).
  2. Contact Committee Members to schedule Annual Committee Exam before end of quarter.
    -Three members of the committee (including the Chair) must attend.
    -The GSR is encouraged but not required to attend the Annual Committee Meeting.
    -First ask committee members for unavailable dates (e.g. travel, clinical service, etc) and any standing meeting time conflicts they have during your desired data range to develop effective schedule poll.
    -Use whenisgood to schedule committee meetings:
  3. Email Maia ( with your committee meeting date and time.


  • Hold Annual Committee Meeting the last day of Spring Quarter.
  • Complete and submit the following to the Annual Committee Form Upload Site.  If you are based at Fred Hutch, please open the upload site link in an incognito page or clear your cache.
    -Annual Supervisory Committee Meeting Report (signed by Committee and Student)
    -1-page research summary
    -Updated and signed IDP


To Do

  • Hold annual committee meeting by the last day of Spring Quarter each year.
  • Use whenisgood to schedule committee meetings:
  • Submit: Annual Report, 1-page Research Summary and updated IDP