Teaching Requirements

Experience in teaching is a central component of the MCB program.   All MCB students are required to complete 2 TAships during the Second and Third Year. The time commitment for each TAship is approximately 100 hours.

Academic vs. Community Outreach TAships

Academic TAs teach undergraduates. A list off offered academic TAships will be available in Autumn Quarter.

Community Outreach TAs communicate science outside an undergraduate setting. Past Outreach TAships have  worked with high school students, secondary-school science teachers and the general public in programs outside UW. A list of offered Community Outreach TAships will be available in Autumn Quarter.

Special Requirements

MSTP students only need to complete one academic TAship during Year 2.

International students must demonstrate English proficiency before beginning TAships.

Task Deadline
Select 2 TAships
~ Option 1: 2 Academic TAships
~ Option 2: 1 Academic TAship (Year 2) AND 1 Community Outreach TAship (Year 3)
April of Year 1
Attend required pedagogy training September of Year 2
Teaching Credits
MCB will register you for MCB 580: Teaching Practicum (mandatory course under MCB Curriculum)
Academic TA: Credits received the same quarter as TAship
Community Outreach TAs: Credits received the quarter after completing TAship