Experience in teaching is a central component of the MCB program.   All MCB students are required to complete 2 TAships during the Second and Third Year:

  1. Select 2 TAships in April of First Year
    Option 1
    2 Academic TAships
    Option 2
    1 Academic TAship AND 1 Community Outreach TAship
    Academic TAs teach undergraduates.  A list of offered academic TAs will be available in Winter Quarter.
    Community Outreach TAs communicate science outside an undergraduate setting.  Past Outreach TAships have  worked with high school students, secondary-school science teachers and the general public in programs outside UW.  A list of offered Community Outreach TAships will be available in Winter Quarter.

  2. Attend Required TA/RA Conference in September of Second Year
    Annual TA Conference on Teaching and Learning
    -The MCB Office will register you for this conference.
  3. Register for Teaching Credits
    -Register for MCB 580 Teaching Practicum
    (Non Graded Credits: 2)
    Entry Code:  MCB Office
    -Academic TAs:  register the same quarter as TA
    -Community Outreach TAs:  register the quarter after completing TA


MSTP Requirement

  1. Complete 1 academic TAship during the Second Year

International Student Requirements

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in English before beginning TAships
  2. Participate in International Teaching Assistant Program


To Do

  • Select 2 TAships in April of First Year
  • Attend TA/RA Conference in Second Year
  • Complete TAships in Second Year or in Third Year for Outreach TAs
  • Register for MCB 580
  • MSTP: Complete 1 Academic TAship
  • International: Complete International TA Program